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Nairobi Central SDA Pathfinder Club

Weekly Class Work
This week we covered the following:- we sang and learned the Pathfinder song, we also learnt the pledge and the pathfinder law. We were given assignment to go and write our National Anthem in both Kiswahili and English the first two stanzas. We are also suppose to learn the Loyalty Pledge of our beloved country Kenya.On the honor Class we had started the knot tying honors and we learnt about the slip Knot, Overhand, square knot, Double bow line knots among others.Here below is our Lesson Plan for our Class.Our Class teachers Are; Glenn, Vera,(Onguti),Steve Omollo,Aggrey Mokaya, Esther Ongere, Isabel Ochola,Maurine Owuor, Phelma, lydia and teacher David Ojwang we love these teachers because they are just but amazing! May the good Lord Bless the works of their hands as they teach us.
Personal Growth DONE NOT YET COMMENT    
I. Involvement          
a. be in the fifth grade          
b. be an active member          
II. Commitment
a. Know the AY Pledge and Law          
b.  Read "The Happy Path"                                     AGGREY          
III. Growth          
a.Earn the junior reading certificate          
Spiritual Discovery          
I. Scripture
a. Learn memory verses                                       ESTHER          
b. Recite the books of the old testiment, and tell how they are grouped                                                                  ESTHER          
II. Church Heritage                                              GLENN          
a. Read and discuss the prolouge to "Early Writings"          
III. Christian Heritage          
a. Discuss God's care and deliverance          
b. Discover your families spiritual roots          
Serving Others
I. One to One          
a. visit an absent member                                    ISABEL          
II. Group Witness                                                 STEVE          
a. Make a new acquaintance and make three additional contacts          
III. Community Outreach          
a. spend 4 hours working for you church, school, or community          
Making Friends          
I. Building Relationships          
a. list 10 qualities of a good friend and discuss the golden rule        ISABEL          
II. Christian Lifestyle          
a. Discuss and demonstrate good table manners                              ISABEL          
III. Good Citizenship
a. Know the pledge of allegience and explain what it means          AGGREY          
b. Sing and explain the national anthem and Pathfinder song          
Health and fitness          
I. Health Principles          
a. Role play Daniel 1                                                                            VERA          
b. Explain the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tabacco                         VERA          
II. First Aid and Safety                                                                       GLENN          
a. Earn the Red Alert Honor          
b. Study and practice personal safety          
III. Fitness and Exercise          
a. Have a physical exam          
b. complete fitness exam          
Youth Organization
I. Leadership          
a. Learn the names of Sabbath School leaders          
b. Take a 5 mile hike  + Picnic (April)          
II. Club awareness                                                                             MAURINE          
a. discuss your involvement with the club          
III. Pathfinder Programming          
a. Take part in three Pathfinder events          
b. Drilling & Marching Honor #1 & #4          
Nature Study
I. Spiritual lessons          
a. Review the story of the lost sheep                                                  PHELMA          
II. Nature appreciation                                                                      LYDIA          
a. Set up a bird feederor animal feeding staion, and report on activity for one week          
b. Collect 15 seeds          
III. Nature Honor
a. Earn an Nature Honor                                                                    SAYA          
Outdoor Living          
I. Outdoor Skills          
a. learn 10 knots                                                                                 AGGREY          
b. learn or review camping safety rules                                             STEVE          
II. Outdoor activity                                                                            STEVE          
a. Earn Camping Skills #1 honor          
Honor Enrichment          
I. Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, & Household Arts          
a.  complete one honor          
II. Recreation, Vocational, Outdoor Industries          
a. complete one honor          
b. earn the Beginners Swimming Honor          
Created by Nairobi Central Pathfinder Counsellor.

Friends Class is just one of the best classes that when teachers get atouched to they would not want to leave. Our class teachers have been doing a good job and we really love them. May the Almighty God help them as they go through their daily lives. And as they persue their carrier.

Teacher Glenn and Agrey in Friends Class teaching

This is the second level of Pathfinders class. Our class we are being taught by Mr.George Opundo and Others whom will give names we love our class and we enjoy in our every class time. The teachers are experienced in this class. May the Almighty God help them.

The Questions Kids ask often

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